WATTSHOT is the name of the first and thus far only gin shot on the market. There is hardly a more ingenious idea to enjoy gin properly.

  • WATTSHOT invigorates the senses with its liveliness and electrifies body and mind. From the first sip, this gin shot promises a sensual adventure - an electric feeling that begins in the mouth and then spreads to the entire body.

    WATTSHOT, combining joyful consumption with a world of sophistication - was created by master taste-maker Stuart Logan. WATTSHOT is the product of desire to invigorate the Gin market with something innovative and fresh, inspired by childhood memories.

  • founders thoughts

    The idea was born in 2012 and then brought to market in 2021. This was the time it took to create the perfect blend of distilled Gin, using just 8 botanicals and only natural ingredients.

  • founders thoughts

    WATTSHOT was created out of a passion of 3 things. To engage in a category that was peaking whilst diversifying the way people drink Gin. To be disruptive in an overcrowded market place and lastly my passion for Flavour and Gin.

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